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What is the best way to wash a comforter?

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Comforters offer warmth and comfort in your bedroom.  But with frequent use, they tend to get dirty. Most comforters have an instruction label describing the best way to wash your comforter. With just a few simple steps, your comforter can look as good as new.

First, the washing machine should be large enough to fit your comforter. Fill the washing machine with luke warm water to the prescribed level (enough to completely submerge the comforter). Add your favorite mild detergent and set your washing machine to a delicate cycle. Before you place the comforter in the washer, run the wash cycle for a couple of minutes so the detergent can evenly mix with the water.

Upon completion of the wash cycle, run the rinse cycle two times so that all of the used detergent is completely removed from your comforter.

When drying your comforter, remove it from the dryer periodically to fluff the comforter so that it dries evenly and not clump up.




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